My first blog post!

Posted by Ginny - Marigot Art on

Even though Miami boasts year-round warm weather and mostly sunny days, when school is back in session it feels like Summer is officially ending. If nothing else, the grown folk are back to fighting Miami traffic which can add a little bit of tension to the weekdays. Even though it takes longer to shop for art supplies, I am always grateful to come home and be able to create art. Working on my pieces is an escape from the day-to-day  and creates this little bubble of calm. I encourage everyone to find a way to express creativity! You don't have to have some exceptional talent, just find a medium you enjoy and play around with it. There are so many to choose from: paint, clay, knitting, sewing, woodwork, calligraphy ... the possibilities are endless!  You can thank me later ;) . As for me, I have my eyes set on fall (in as much as we really have fall in SFL). The slight drop in temperature, the pumpkin spice invasion and most of all, so many great art events! I can see my color palate shifting to the warm reds and oranges, deep greens and sparkling gold!  

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