Our Story

Three decades ago, a couple from New England set off on the adventure of a lifetime. With their small daughter and their dog in tow, they spent seven years sailing the world on a boat they built themselves.

When the time came to put down roots, they found themselves in the Caribbean. Ginny, being an avid gardener and artist, delighted in the flowers that vibrantly gild the Caribbean Islands. Fascinated by the exotic petals and bright colors, she began painting. She found that the transparency of glass allowed light to interact with her designs, which gave them life and movement.

So MARIGOT ART was born.

Ginny pulls her inspiration from over twenty years spent between the Caribbean islands and sunny Florida, from the plant life and the sandy shores. She designs, hand paints and personally signs each and every item. Some of the glassware found in her collection has even been up-cycled and given a beautiful new purpose.

Ginny hopes that, through her artwork, visitors and flower lovers alike will be able to take a piece of nature’s unique beauty wherever their own adventures may lead them. 


Marigot (pronounced Merry-go) is a bay on the Western coast of the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. This is where Ginny started painting and is the namesake for her company.

Marigot Bay St. Lucia