Twilight Ride

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TWILIGHT RIDE is the feeling of being on an isolated beach, watching the sun light the sky on fire. The bright pinks and magenta of this tray bring an instant pop to any kitchen. The top is decorated with paint and coated with a food safe resin to protect the artwork. The reverse is solid bamboo, making it suitable for chopping, slicing or dicing. This tray is versatile and as useful as it is beautiful.



Wood: Bamboo

Colors: Pink, Magenta

Thickness of Tray: 13/16"

Distance Across at Widest Point: 6 1/16"

Height:  14"

Weight: Approximately 1.5 lbs 



All MARIGOT ART trays are painted by hand so each one is entirely unique! The art is coated with a food safe resin so can be used to serve food safely. While it will stand up to gentle use, we do not recommend cutting directly on the art to avoid scratching the glossy finish. After use, items can be wiped down with a warm soapy cloth, rinsed and dried. We do not recommend these items for use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, freezer or under very hot pots or dishes. Exposed wood can be treated with mineral oil every few months for maintenance.