Gift Guide

The Holiday Season is right around the corner. Here is our suggested list of Marigot Art products to bring a smile to all the special people in your life. 











For the friend who is always prepared for drop in guest or a spur of the moment heart to heart, these medium sized paddle shaped multi-taskers are the answer. One side is painted with cheerful and welcoming colors and the other is a full sized cutting board, making this a beautiful and practical centerpiece for the person who will welcome and entertain you at the drop of a hat.~SHOP PADDLE DESIGNS~




Marigot Art Ceramic CoastersDo you know someone whose home decor changes with every season? Someone who is on the cutting edge of the latest colors and trends for making a home pop? The next time you are over, take a peek at their latest color scheme and use our handy search feature to find the perfect accent to the feel of their home. ~SHOP COASTER DESIGNS~













Marigot Art Lazy SusanSome kitchens just make you feel like family. You walk in and can picture early morning conversations with the scent of coffee drifting through the air. You hear the echo of family dinners, homework sessions and Holiday dinners as you walk in the door. For families that spend hours gathered around the kitchen table, a lazy susan is a perfect and functional gift. ~SHOP LAZY SUSANS~




Marigot Art Wood Paddle SmallThere is a big world ahead of your budding intellectual, but probably a very small kitchen space. Pick up one of our compact and functional cutting boards. Perfect for the limited food prep space of the dorm, and as an added bonus, they hang up easily out of the way! There is plenty of space on both sides of these cutting boards for culinary experimentation. ~SHOP PADDLE DESIGNS~


Marigot Art Palm Tree Candle HolderIf your Secret Santa wants nothing more than to sink their toes in the sand this Christmas, then give them a gift that will bring some sunshine to their home or office. Pick up a candle holder with hand painted palm trees or even a decorative sand bottle, filled with shells and other glittery treasures. ~SHOP BEACH COLLECTION~



















For the girl or guy on your list that has a well thought out place for everything, one of these multi-functional hangers is the perfect solution to your gift giving challenge. Think of these as a tiny piece of artwork that doubles as a place to hang a bag, keys, dog leash or dish towel.~SHOP WALL HANGERS~